The History of Our Roofing Contractors in Welland

In 1943…

  • The Prime Minister was William Lyon Mackenzie King.
  • Ferguson Jenkins, baseball player, was born; as was Yvan Cournoyer, ice hockey player.
  • The Pepsodent Show starring Bob Hope was the #1 rated radio show (no TV yet).
  • Parent Roofing of Welland was founded by Roly and Yolanda Parent.

Roly Parent, founder of Parent Roofing of Welland, began his working life at age 16 at a lumber mill in Northern Ontario. He established Parent Roofing of Welland in 1943 with his wife Yolanda. As the voice of the company, she was essential to the initial success of the company. She answered every call, was the bookkeeper, and kept all the men in line. Their son Paul later decided to work for them as a roofing contractor in Welland, and the company is still family owned today.

Because Roly’s son Paul has worked for the roofing company, which serves the Niagara Region, for many years, he’s gained much experience in the industry. Paul took over ownership of Parent Roofing in 1993 and still lives by his father’s words: “Treat each job like you own the house.”

Roofing Contractors in Welland

When you need roofing contractors in Welland, contact Parent Roofing of Welland. As a local, family-operated company we understand what you value. We treat each home we work on as if it were our own, which means we make sure everything gets done properly and on time. To show you how much we care, we also make sure we clean up any mess. If you need a new roof on your home, contact your local roofing contractors at Parent Roofing of Welland.

Paper Ad from 1983

Paper Ad from 1983
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Parent Roofing founder dies at 90

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Article from Welland Tribune

By Bernd Franke

Welland - WELLAND - Roly Parent, the Welland roofing company founder who treated each home like it was his own and who groomed his sons to take over the family business, is dead at age 90.

Ronald Nestor Parent, the eldest brother of one-time House speaker Gib Parent, died Tuesday at Welland hospital, leaving behind two sons, countless satisfied customers during his 50 years running Parent Roofing and a lifetime of memories that will be recalled in a "celebration of life" at St. Kevin church on Saturday, Feb. 19, at 10 a.m.

"Dad was a real raconteur. He could take a five-word sentence and spin it into a 20-minute presentation that could hold his audience in delight," Paul Parent said in adding that it was his father's wish to wait after his death to give people time to focus on his life.

"He hoped that people would focus on the celebration of life. There will a homily but there will also be a series of stories."

Delivering the homily at the memorial service will be Rev. Jim Mulligan, St. Kevin's pastor and, like Roly Parent, a dyed-in-the-blue-wool Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

"He was an avid Leafs fans. That was one of the sorrows of his life. I was a Boston fan, so I was in no position to commiserate," Paul, 60, recalled with a laugh.

Roly Parent was born on Aug. 24, 1920, in Mattawa, Ont., and worked as a lumberjack in the northern Ontario bush before the opportunity for steady work brought him to Welland when he was 20. After three years learning the trade as an employee with Walker Bros. roofing, he started his own company in 1943.

Parent Roofing became a family affair once Eddie, now 67, and Paul became old enough to accompany their father to the job site.

"That's the only paycheque I ever had. The same goes for my brother," said Paul, who described his father as a "good guy to work for."

"He treated all his employees fairly. He was always there for them."

As an employer Roly Parent didn't show any favouritism when it came to sons.

"We came first to the job and we left last, and he paid us a little less. That was his way of preparing us to take over the company," said Paul, who along with his older brother took over ownership of Parent Roofing in 1993. Roly Parent's pride in his craftmanship as a roofer and his concept of customer service was best summed up when he told Paul to "treat each job like you own the house."

"Treat every home like you're going to live there. He only had to tell me that once."

When he wasn't working, golfing at Lookout Point where he played for more than 40 years, or driving his sons on a two-lane highway to Toronto for Leafs game, Roly Parent could be found in any number of homes playing bridge.

"He was well-respected in the bridge community."

And well-loved by his family, even by the son who favoured the Bruins over the Leafs.

"If he wasn't my dad, I would hope he would be my friend," Paul Parent said.

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